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Helping At Home

Back in 2012, our daughter, Marley, enlisted in the Army. She became a Medic, went on to supervise and train others and consistently earned high marks from all her superiors. Before the end of her military career, Marley decided to participate in the Army’s new internship program and chose to intern with Eagle. Upon completion of her internship, Marley worked for Eagle as a home inspector and soon developed a strong following with the real estate agents. She is now happily married and managing our call center – answering questions, resolving concerns and scheduling inspections. Marley understands what it means to help others and exemplifies the level of service you can expect from Eagle.

Another young veteran was brought into the Eagle fold by a realtor we work with. She introduced us to her ex-Marine son, a terrific kid in search of a new vocation. Mike had all the basic requirements we were looking for – a willingness to work hard and learn, intuitive people skills, a friendly personality with the ability to convey information in a calm and reassuring manner. Mike dedicated himself to our lengthy, demanding training process and became a valued member of the Eagle home inspection team. Mike inspected with Eagle for several years, but recently made the brave decision to pursue something near and dear to his heart – a career in health and physical fitness. We wish Mike all the best and are so proud and happy to have played a part in helping this wonderful young man transition back into civilian life!

Eagle is affiliated with the Homes for Heroes program which extends discounted services to active or veteran military, first responders, law enforcement, fire fighters, healthcare professionals and teachers. If you qualify, please be sure to let us know when booking your inspection and receive $45 off your complete home inspection fee as our special thank you!!

Helping Abroad

Ron and I believe in love. We treat each other with kindness and respect and inspire each other to be the best people we can be. We love our children and believe that they, in turn, learn how to love by the example we set for them.

Ron comes from a large family. They loved each other, but always struggled just to make ends meet. By the time he was an adolescent, Ron realized that education was his only hope for a better life. He was lucky enough to find a champion and that sponsorship changed Ron's life.

In 2009, our daughter, Margaret, volunteered at a youth center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was here that she met Rediet, a bright young boy whose mom had recently died. He had no siblings or extended family and had never known his father, also deceased. Margaret sensed something exceptional about Rediet, so Margaret called home and said, "Mom, Rediet doesn't have anyone and I really believe in this kid. Can we help him?"

It started years ago with someone offering Ron a chance. Now we had a chance to help Rediet.

We became Rediet’s sponsors and American parents and throughout the years, provided love, guidance and educational support. He wholeheartedly dedicated himself to his studies including English fluency skills. In 2017, out of the 200 students who applied, Rediet was one of only 52 students accepted into the Dire Dawa University Architectural Engineering Program. The curriculum was extremely challenging, but Rediet has always approached life with tenacity and determination. Despite limited access to electricity, violent riots on campus and numerous COVID restrictions, he refused to give up, even when faced with an emergency appendectomy a few days before the end of his final semester! In June 2021, Rediet graduated and we couldn’t be prouder of him. Now an accomplished, caring adult, Rediet has become an inspiring and integral part of our family and we would love for him to someday come to the US and work for Eagle. He would love that, too!

If you know anyone who can help us make that dream a reality, please contact Mary Ellen at (203) 376-2367.

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Mary Ellen, Ron, Marley

Marley helping others

Ron, Mike, Mary Ellen

Marley helping others

Thank You

To all military personnel, first responders and teachers. We support the Homes for Heroes program and are extremely grateful for your sacrifice and dedication. Simply mention your service affiliation when scheduling a complete inspection with Eagle to receive your special discount.

Ron Rivard.

Margaret & Rediet

margaret helping others

Giving Back

Ron and I believe in love and we believe in our children. They are our future and just need someone to believe in them.

Mary Ellen Graham.

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